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Sex Workers and COVID-19 : Resisting the Pandemic and Criminalization

  26/07 | “What the state does not regulate,” Orellano says, “the market regulates.” The market, for sex workers, is framed by the fact of the (...)

Pegasus Rides Again : the NSO Group, Spyware and Human Rights

  26/07 | They keep insisting they don’t do it. But companies such as the Israeli NSO Group are global vendors for regimes, whatever stripe or (...)

Is Sen. Ed Markey a War Hawk in Progressive Clothing ? His Latest China Gambit Points to (...)

  26/07 | On June 8th 2021, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey voted for The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (S. 1260), which calls for (...)

Inflation as People Experience It and as Economists Measure It

  26/07 | Suppose that the average amount that people paid for their rent or mortgage fell by 10 percent, but our index for shelter costs in the (...)

Greenwald Predictably Misrepresents MAGA

  26/07 | Glenn Greenwald’s turn to the right continues in a recent interview with The Spectator, focused on the recent protests in Cuba. The (...)

We’d Better Control Machines Before They Control Us

  26/07 | My wife and I were recently driving in Virginia, amazed yet again that the GPS technology on our phones could guide us through a (...)

Why Trade Policies are a Matter of Racial Equity

  26/07 | It’s no secret that trade policies in the United States have been captured by wealthy, corporate interests that prioritize growing their (...)

The Futile Search for Rarified Experience

  26/07 | Oppressed by the constant threat of covid, cabin fever, and, more recently, the freakish summer heat, a few days ago I did what many of (...)

Human Progress

  26/07 | Enormous human betterment has occurred since The Enlightenment, chiefly because crusading liberals overcame conservative resistance, (...)

He’s Heavy, He’s My Brother

  26/07 | A joke is a judgement which produces a comic contrast; it has already played a silent part in caricature, but only in judgement does it (...)

Except by Balloon Summer of 2021

  26/07 | Except by Balloon Summer of 2021 Yes, it’s been two years since my last physical, Dr. Li. With the pandemic, public transportation the (...)

Buy Them Up ! : Why We Must Nationalize the Banks

  25/07 | Image by Jack Cohen. As we struggle to emerge from the COVID pandemic, it’s hard to imagine fending off our economic malaise without (...)


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Israel’s spat with Ben & Jerry’s overshadows its spyware scandal

  26/07 | The country's meltdown over the American ice cream company's decision not to sell its products in the occupied Palestinian (...)

New Zealand to accept alleged Islamic State militant, 2 kids

  26/07 | New Zealand has agreed to repatriate an alleged Islamic State militant and her two young children, who have been detained in Turkey (...)

A Mexican state suffers bloody fallout of cartel rivalry

  26/07 | One month after at least 20 people were killed in a Zacatecas community there have been no arrests

It's Time for an Urgent Intervention in the Food System Ruining Our Climate

  26/07 | “No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come,” Victor Hugo once said. The time for the Farm System Reform Act is now. We can’t (...)

France Hands USA Men's Basketball Team Their 1st Olympic Loss Since 2004

  26/07 | When last we left France, they were best known for collecting reparations from Haiti that they don’t deserve and poisoning tourists with (...)

That Ain’t DaBaby, That’s My Adida : Let’s Get Into Rolling Loud Miami 2021, Shall We (...)

  26/07 | As previously reported by The Root, the Miami-based, three-day hip-hop festival Rolling Loud was back on the good foot this year, (...)
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