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Some Unsung Black Revolutionary Voices and Visions from Pre-Colony to Post-Independence and (...)

  14/04 | edited by Bill F. Ndi

From #RhodesMustFall Movements to #HumansMustFall Movements

  14/04 | African Liberation Movements in the Age of the Transhumanist Geographies of Death - edited by Bornway Mwanyara Chiripanhura, Artwell (...)

In search of Ethiopia’s past and present

  13/04 | The camera gazes upon a neighborhood in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, with all its colors and

Solidarity With the Asian Community

  13/04 | Andrea Arroyo People around the country showing up, in solidarity with the Asian/AAPI Community. Vigil: Upper Manhattan, March 2021. (...)

Samad i skogen Samad : Kaynta Ayuu Dhex Joogaa

  13/04 | Swedish-Somali BILINGUAL EDITION - by Mohammed Umar

How ‘Things’ In Fiction Shape the Way We Read

  13/04 | Sophie Haigney Sarah Wasserman’s recent book looks at how the objects we take for granted in stories can reveal even deeper meaning. The (...)

The class curse

  13/04 | Despite many Kenyans’ opposition to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), there is a sense that politicians

Remember Glissant

  12/04 | Moses März writes of Édouard Glissant, Martinican, poet and compatriot of the more celebrated Aimé Césaire and Frantz Fanon The post (...)

Philip Guston’s Peculiar History Lesson

  12/04 | Barry Schwabsky On the painter’s politics of self-questioning. The post Philip Guston’s Peculiar History Lesson appeared first on The (...)

What’s Left of the South African Left ?

11/04 | After its unbanning in 1990, the African National Congress (ANC) entrenched itself as the main political

To Julia de Burgos

10/04 | Julia de Burgos, Ilan Stavans The post To Julia de Burgos appeared first on The Nation.

Go Away Birds

10/04 | by Michelle Edwards
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