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SA fintech firm that digitises gold for daily use gets funding

  14/04 | Crossfin invests an undisclosed amount in Troygold, a company that enables gold owners to digitise physical gold and use it for (...)

Use of PDF files in phishing scams unpacked

  14/04 | Attacks using PDF files have increased more than 1 000%, according to Palo Alto researchers.

Humanising tech, from UX to impactful human experience

  14/04 | Society 5.0 sparks a dramatic societal shift − a vision of the future that hinges on digitalisation, human-centred artificial (...)

Star Trek inspired device sees drones fly off factory line

  14/04 | A converted commercial laser cutter is able to 3D-print and assemble functional devices on its own.

Ludwig Ahgren breaks Twitch subscription record after 31-day stint

  14/04 | Ludwig Ahgren has more than 282,000 paying subscribers after a month-long Twitch ‘subathon‘.

How to go from data blindness to informed value

  14/04 | Like snow blindness, many companies are data blind, meaning they are so overwhelmed by data that they can't see a way (...)

The top five benefits of ERP in the manufacturing industry

  14/04 | In manufacturing, intelligent enterprises are using the latest ERP technologies to gain the edge on their competitors, says Navin (...)

How e-commerce success is tied to an efficient labelling process

  14/04 | The e-commerce industry was born out of the ever growing desire to find the best price and fastest delivery of a (...)

Protect the whistleblowers. They are your business future

  14/04 | A whistleblowing programme encourages employees to bring financial mishandling, unethical behaviour and other damaging situations to (...)

Third Annual Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index

  14/04 | How South Africa compares…

eBook : SaaS finance leaders

  14/04 | Five steps to drive your company from early to growth stage.

County lines gang 'recruited teen in 80 minutes via Snapchat'

  14/04 | A boy tells how he replied to an advert on Snapchat and was groomed to sell drugs at the age of 14.

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