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Dette - offre un journal quotidien contenant des informations sur 56 pays africains (NTIC)

NTIC sur - Le quotidien panafricain offre un journal quotidien contenant des informations sur 56 pays africains : le portail des entreprises africaines propose un annuaire des entreprises et acteurs économiques africains, des offres d'emploi, de l'actualité économique, des (...)

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Some Unsung Black Revolutionary Voices and Visions from Pre-Colony to Post-Independence and (...)

  14/04 | edited by Bill F. Ndi

From #RhodesMustFall Movements to #HumansMustFall Movements

  14/04 | African Liberation Movements in the Age of the Transhumanist Geographies of Death - edited by Bornway Mwanyara Chiripanhura, Artwell (...)

Why $30m didn't protect Nigerian pupils after Chibok

  14/04 | The 2014 student abductions led to a plan backed by the UK but little has come of it seven years on.

Afrique économie - À Ségou au Mali, des kiosques alimentaires solidaires

  14/04 | L’économie solidaire au quotidien au Mali, c’est cette entreprise qui installe des kiosques alimentaires dans la ville de Ségou. Les (...)

Future of Africa’s jewellery market lies in socially conscious consumers, industry experts and (...)

  13/04 | The future of Africa's jewellery industry lies in ethically and responsibly made bling that appeals to socially conscious (...)

Webinar on countering misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine

  13/04 | What: Webinar Who: Civil Society and Community Engagement Division of the African Development Bank, Economic, Social & Cultural (...)

In search of Ethiopia’s past and present

  13/04 | The camera gazes upon a neighborhood in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, with all its colors and

We're on the hunt for novel ways to assess the risk of type 2 diabetes

  13/04 | To stem the rise in diabetes, new and innovative methods of risk assessment must be implemented, specific to populations on the (...)

Fifty years, five problems - and how Nigeria can work with China in future

  13/04 | Nigeria and China should work more on the relationship between their citizens so that the two countries can continue to have good (...)

Maxon Announces Redshift for macOS Including Native Support for M1-Powered (...)

  13/04 | Today, Maxon announced the immediate availability of Redshift for macOS including support for M1-powered Macs as well as Apple’s Metal (...)

Maxon Announces Cinema 4D S24

  13/04 | Maxon, the developers of professional software solutions for motion designers and visual effects artists, today announced Cinema 4D (...)

Kenyan could run as an independent at Olympics

  13/04 | Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala is considering racing as a neutral athlete at the Olympics if he is not named in the Kenyan team for (...)

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IMG: Il y a 20 ans, le génocide des Tutsi, au Rwanda s’engage, lors de ces vingtièmes commémorations du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda. Nous avons participé à la création de plusieurs sites internet dédiés à (...)
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